why we recommend canva as a design tool

Three Reasons Why We Recommend Canva as a Design Tool.

Why We Recommend Canva as a Design Tool:
Unleash Your Creativity with Ease and Versatility.


We have been using Canva for many years and have witnessed the growth and development of their platform. From a simple design tool to a comprehensive suite of creative resources, Canva has continually evolved, making it easier and more accessible for everyone to produce stunning visuals.

1. A Library of Templates:

Canva offers a wide variety of templates for different purposes. These include layouts for social media posts, presentations, infographics, stories, posters, flyers, and more. Starting with a template can save you time and provide you with inspiration.

The templates are organised into categories, making it easy to find the specific style you need. Once you have chosen the template, you can customise it to fit your needs by changing the colours, fonts, images, and other elements to match your brand’s design and the message you want to convey.

Canva frequently updates its template library with new designs, keeping up with the latest design trends. This means you can also adapt to changing times, ensuring your projects are visually appealing and time-efficient.

2. Take Advantage of the Brand Kit:

Speaking of your brand, the Canva Brand Kit feature allows you to save your brand’s colours, logos, and fonts, ensuring consistency across all your designs. This feature is particularly useful for businesses and organisations that need to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Once your Brand Kit is set up, you can easily apply your brand elements to any design. You can change colours and fonts and add your logo with a single click of your mouse.

Even if your brand has multiple logos, perhaps variations with different backgrounds, Canva allows you to upload all of them to your Brand Kit, giving you quick access to the right logo for the design you’re working on.

3. Explore Canva’s Tutorials and Design School

Whether you are just starting out or you have some basic knowledge, Canva has you covered to help guide you through their platform. For example, the tutorials for beginners cover the basics, such as step-by-step guides on navigating the interface, using the drag editor, adding text and images, and customising templates.

For more experienced users, Canva has tutorials on advanced design techniques. These include creating complex layouts, effectively using layering and transparency, and designing for different formats like presentations and infographics. These lessons take your design to the next level.


Using Canva effectively can significantly enhance your design projects, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer. By utilising their vast library of templates, you can save time and find inspiration for various projects. Setting up and leveraging the Brand Kit ensures consistency and efficiency, making it easy to apply your brand elements across all your designs.

Canva’s extensive library of design elements allows you to customise and elevate your creations, while its collaboration features facilitate teamwork and streamline feedback. Additionally, exploring Canva’s tutorials and Design School can continuously improve your design skills and keep you inspired by the latest trends and techniques.

Why We Recommend Canva

Canva is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly design platform that caters to many users, from individuals creating personal projects to businesses maintaining a strong brand identity. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible to users with no prior design experience, while its advanced features and customisation options provide ample flexibility for professional designers. Canva’s extensive resources, including templates, design elements, and educational content, empower users to create visually appealing and effective designs easily.

Whether you’re looking to produce stunning social media graphics, professional presentations, or cohesive marketing materials, Canva offers the tools and support needed to bring your creative vision to life. For these reasons, Canva is a highly recommended platform for anyone looking to enhance their design capabilities and achieve polished, professional results.

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