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Marketing is like wanting to ask someone you really like on a date after spending time getting to know them first. You can use the sales approach -  walk up to them and ask them out - they may say yes. If you use the marketing approach however you introduce yourself, tell them a bit about you and your life. Ask them out for a coffee to get to know each other better and become familiar, respected, established, trusted and eventually appreciated. Yes it’s a long process compared to sales who will just try to win with reduced prices or value for money offers. You however are playing a long game and winning business based on your reputation, familiarity and trusted brand. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen!

Every business requires a strong foundation to base your marketing platform on. However it can be extremely daunting to figure out where to even start and how to go about it. For you, Marketing Agencies are out of reach and your aunt’s friend’s brother who does ‘marketing’ will not give you specific tailored services that plug the gaps in your marketing processes.

The Why Marketing loves helping small to medium sized businesses establish your marketing base line and set everything up correctly on social media for you (the backend of these platforms are very complicated). We will then set you up with a long term marketing strategy and suggest other tools you could possibly use to manage your marketing plan independently.

However if the time or effort required to manage your marketing plan is just too much work then hand the whole process to The Why Marketing to manage. We know exactly what we are doing and promise you great results.


We provide a wide variety of marketing services to develop and grow small businesses’ brand awareness.

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We have been working with The Why Marketing to improve our marketing strategy, digital presence and brand awareness and I've found Geoffrey fantastic to work with! He's super helpful, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I've learned soo much within our coaching sessions and would definitely recommend The Why Marketing to anyone who needs help with stepping up and understanding marketing within any industry. Thanks Geoffrey!

Melissa - Property Services Unlimited (Waikato)
These Are Our


We provide a variety of marketing services to help small business brand awareness.

Marketing upskill

Basic Marketing

Marketing setup and coaching to get started and continue the marketing process yourself.


Analysis of the best online/offline platforms and marketing material for your specific business requirements.

Full planning and strategies provided for a years’ worth of online/offline content incorporating holidays and your events.


How to use social media and other marketing platforms effectively with minimal spend.

Education around other tools to streamline or contribute to your marketing processes.

marketing consultancy


Analysing your current marketing strategies and consulting on improvements and budgets.


Ensuring all platforms are fully optimised to communicate your marketing message clearly.


Agree on targeted platforms and implement appropriate marketing accordingly.

promotional items & corporate gifts

We supply a huge variety of branded promotional items and corporate gifts for you to give to your staff, clients, suppliers and business connections. They are so popular and varied that our customers are buying the products for their friends and family too! We can brand most things so if you don’t see what you need in the catalogue then give us a call and we will try to help you.

Escape in our digital catalogues to view excellent products created with high quality materials

tradewear & corporate clothing

Take advantage of claiming costs on business clothing and PPE by branding and clothing everyone you can with your brand and details. Everyone loves a free tee-shirt or cap, even the kids. Masses of great options available online, view them now.

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